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Carmelo Anthony Possible Return to Knicks? Star May Return Monday Night Vs Nets

Knicks vs. Nets

According to ESPN New York and several other reports, Knicks star, Carmelo Anthony may return to the lineup Monday night vs the New Jersey Nets after missing eight games due to a groin injury. Now the big question that everyone outside of New York has been “Can Carmelo and Jeremy Lin work together?” quite frankly, very bad question.

How could an upcoming point guard not feed into the star player, who’s word to the head coach, gave Lin his chance to shine. Yes that’s true, during the Nets trip to the Madison Square Garden on February 4th, it was Carmelo who told head coach Mike D’Antoni to give Jeremy Lin his chance to shine and the rest, has been Linsane.

Anthony has been called a “ball-hog” and at some points “selfish” which he responded to as a “slap in the face” but he would still want to take the last shot in a close game. Well, if anyone on the Knicks thought there was a better player to take that shot, they were wrong. Yes Jeremy Lin has been a great story but Anthony has the killer instinct that makes him a top five pure scorer in the NBA hands down.

While every scorer needs his shots, and the Knicks still have to feed Lin, Stoudemire, and recently acquired JR Smith, with Lin in, the Knicks may have some sort of method to the madness. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to many but Jeremy Lin isn’t supposed to be scoring this much, but he’s making up the lack of scoring by others. Lin should be in for his passing skills, defensive skills, and if he works on the turnover problem, the Knicks could have a deadly system with a very fitting lineup.

So as many anxiously await the return of Carmelo Anthony to see “if it will work”, the focus should be on watching it work, and just how well these two great players (yes Jeremy Lin has become great), will work together to bring New York basketball back to where it was, winning, or in some eyes, Linning.

In a stretch of three games before the All-Star break where the Knicks play the Nets, Hawks, and always dangerous Miami Heat, the chemistry will certainly have to be there.

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