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Play Ball! Jordan Campbell Using Spring Ball To Prepare for Stellar 2012 Season


After dreams came true in early February and high school kids signed their letters of intent to go play for the college of their dreams, the veterans on those college teams, were preparing for spring ball.

It’s been one complete year since Jordan Campbell (New Mexico Highlands) had the ultimate career move, starting his collegiate career at USC, he then transferred schools which then led to him sitting out of school for a semester. Campbell then went to the “worst D-2 school in America” but Campbell says ” at the end of the day things keep working out for me because I never turn anything into a negative, everything I do is for the better and for positive living”

Campbell became the first All-American at Highlands in over a decade which could have helped them sign the #1 recruiting class in the country with eleven D-1 transfers from top colleges around the country. Already looking ahead Campbell says “Now it’s time to put everything together and make a run at the D-2 championship, but the next big step is spring ball which starts next Tuesday.

As far as personal goals go Campbell says “The biggest thing for me coming into spring ball is to work on my craft and make everyone around me better. I will lead my team to a national championship, I have no doubt about it in my mind that we will be playing in December but it all starts now by putting in the work and buying into each other and the program.”

Campbell also went on to talk about the coaching changes taking place at Highlands “We just got three new coaches on the offensive side of the ball, two from Oklahoma and another from Idaho St. We are also interviewing a former USC coach to come in and take over our defense.

With all aspirations to go to the NFL, the attention starts sooner than later for Campbell who noted that “April 11th the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings will be making the trip up to Las Vegas,  New Mexico to catch an early glimpse of me at our junior pro day.”

Like any good professional, Campbell doesn’t look to far ahead saying “My focus isn’t even on the NFL right now because i know if I handle my business on the field and we do what we’re going to do, everything else will fall into place. All-American , Harlon hill trophy ,Indy for the combine, and the NFL Draft.”

So spring ball isn’t just a season to prepare, it’s the season where everything begins. As the story continues for Jordan Campbell, there is no official starting point, as every day is another day to the journey of success.

With the 2012 season upcoming, Highlands did not take an easy schedule,

scheduling a D-1AA team game three (who beat UNLV last year 41 -14 and who open up their  first two games against D-1 teams Utah and Cal) then they fly up and play them at their house. “It’s a huge opportunity for our players and program to be able to show our talents in front a big school” Campbell added.

Taking it one day at a time, recruiting hard, and working harder is the key to success and Campbell and his boys at New Mexico Highlands are ready to EAT and make history. Whether spring, summer, fall or winter, there is no off-season for Campbell and the Highlands’ team, rather, they’ve been committed to being efficient, dedicated, and most importantly, focused on winning. Besides, that’s the one thing Jordan Campbell knows how to do best, win.

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