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New Orleans Saints Owner, Tom Benson, Agrees To Buy NBA’s Hornets

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In very shocking but maybe pleasant news coming out of the NBA today, New Orleans Saints’ owner Tom Benson has tentatively reached an agreement to buy the New Orleans Hornets for $338 million, according to NBA.com’s David Aldridge.

Benson, was chosen by the NBA over a group of investors which included former General Manager and Head Coach, Mike Dunleavy. Also included in that group, ironically enough, is Benson’s younger brother, Larry. The deal will not be blocked by the NFL because Benson owns the Saints, and the location of the Saints is direct with the Hornets, New Orleans.

With the now infamous block by David Stern that would’ve sent Chris Paul to the Lakers, many will wonder, would Tom Benson have allowed it? Fact of the matter is, Benson must look forward with the team he has, but first, it starts at the top.

Hugh Weber has been the team’s President and Dell Demps has been the General Manager and while roster transactions have been questioned, the team did reach an agreement to stay in New Orleans until 2024. Solidifying their location, the team, along with new owner Benson must have some sort of direction with the team as they prepare for next season.

With a projected #3 pick in the upcoming June draft, the Hornets have about three solid options once Anthony Davis and Michael Gilchrist are off the board, and those guys are: Andre Drummond (UConn), Thomas Robinson (Kansas), and Harrison Barnes (North Carolina).

With Eric Gordon being nothing more but an injury report this year,  the Hornets lacked a true superstar this year. Trevor Ariza and Chris Kaman are certainly good building blocks, but with Kaman being shopped during the trade deadline, Drummond might make most sense for the team moving forward. Whether they stay with Jarrett Jack or Greivis Vasquez running the point, Gordon (hopefully) at the shooting guard, Ariza (if consistent) playing the small forward, Carl Landy (tons of potential), and Drummond, the Hornets would at least have a roster that makes sense.

With a secure location, and a high draft pick, Tom Benson is inheriting a team with tons of potential. Now, can this potential turn into proven? Can the health of players, although never predicted, stay healthy enough? More importantly for Benson though, surely is his ongoing case with his football team, the Saints and their bounty program.

With basketball now a new focus for Tom Benson, the resources are there, but will he make the right decisions? New Orleans’ fans certainly hope so, and this time, they hope vetoes aren’t allowed.



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