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NFL Schedule 2012: Breaking Down The Most Important Games In The AFC South

Arian Foster

Although delayed, we continue our break down of the 2012 NFL schedule, by division. In a division where Extreme Makeover: NFL Edition is surely a fitting title, the assumed Andrew Luck-Colts relationship will begin.

Can This Edited Picture Become An Actual Image For The Colts Franchise? If So, How Successful?

Indianapolis Colts: The NFL certainly isn’t giving Andrew Luck (assumed #1 pick for the Colts) a fun “Welcome to the NFL” game for his opener, as he’s in Chicago and the physical defense of the Bears will look to make a statement. Weeks 11-13 may really be Luck’s welcome moments as he goes on the road to face New England, comes home to play the Bills and their new defense, and the three week stint finishes, with a game in Detroit against the Lions.

Although a rather weak schedule for Indianapolis, when they play out of division teams, they’re playing very tough defenses. Let’s just hope there will be no neck breaking.

It Will Be Interesting To See If Blaine Gabbert Can Produce More Than He Did His Rookie Season

Jacksonville Jaguars: With an unbalanced schedule of playoff teams and really bad teams, the biggest challenge may be the Jaguars getting their team together. With the addition of Laurent Robinson, Jacksonville hopes to help their sophomore QB, Blaine Gabbert. Weeks 11-14 are deemed the “challenge” weeks for Jacksonville. They go on the road to division winner Houston, come home for another divisional game against Tennessee, head back on the road to Buffalo, and then play host to the New York Jets.

In a division that might have three young quarterbacks starting (If Titans go to Jake Locker) Blaine Gabbert has the least amount of weapons, but with new ownership, he might have better support.

If The Titans Want To Make Improvements, They'll Need Kenny Britt To Rise To The Occasion


Tennessee Titans: The Titans were on the verge of making the playoffs last season but when Kenny Britt went down with injury, and the quarterback see-saw with Jake Locker and Matt Hasselbeck began, the team fell just short. The Titans certainly have to prove it early, as they play their home opener against the Patriots, then head to San Diego, go back home to host the Lions, and in week four, they’re in Houston to face last year’s division winner.

The team that gave the division their best run outside of Houston, will look to take that next leap into first place, but they must prove their worth early.

With The Loss Of Mario Williams, Can Connor Barwin Fill These Arms With Opposing Quarterbacks?


Houston Texans: Finally getting over their franchise hump, the Texans made the playoffs last season and that was with third string rookie quarterback, TJ Yates leading the way. With a healthy Matt Schaub the Texans will have their offense, but who will step up in the loss of Mario Williams and DeMeco Ryans? Weeks 5-7 will be the hardest stretch for Houston as they go to New Jersey to take on the Jets, then play host to the Packers and Ravens before their Week 8 bye week.

The Texans have a nice three game test early on, but if they can come out 2-1 or even 3-0, it will prove they can still play against the best, despite losing two of their best defensive players.
Well, that’s about all Peyton wrote in the AFC South, or wait, that’s all we have to look forward to in the AFC South and the Andrew Luck era.

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