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What’s next for the Los Angeles Lakers?

Kobe Bryant

Following another embarrassing elimination game loss at the hands of the upstart Oklahoma City Thunder, the Los Angeles Lakers are officially in rebuilding mode. The Lakers suffered a deplorable 106-90 loss away from home that solidified a lot of the perceived holes this Lakers roster was thought to have. They won’t have to completely blow up this roster, but other than Kobe Bryant, everyone is on the market. With a far less than stellar 10 points and 4 rebound performance from Andrew Bynum, coupled with his constant maturity issues and, Pau Gasol’s inability to shoulder any type of load without a very specific offensive scheme, these two players with the most value seem to inevitably be on the move. My feeling is that, because of Andrew Bynum’s uncharacteristically healthy and career season, they might be able to do a fairly straight trade maybe with the inclusion of a Ramon Sessions and/or Metta World Peace, for Dwight Howard and Ryan Anderson. This would also open up the space at the point guard position to bring in Deron Williams via free agency, who is desperately needed to be a player that will create a tempo, which most of the other successful franchises have. After a signing like that, I think you could look at moving Pau Gasol for someone who has already worked well next to Kobe, Trevor Ariza and maybe a first round pick. This move  would bring in a young, athletic wing that plays lockdown defense and can hit open three pointers, and complete a team that can help Kobe compete for that coveted 7th championship in his final seasons and the chance to surpass his idol Michael Jordan.

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