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Fantasy Baseball: 5 Players To Sell High On.


Fantasy Baseball is basically a second job for most people, you must devote time to your team if you want to win and who doesn’t want to win?  There are people out there who know what they are doing and well some who don’t.

Here I’ll be giving you 5 players that are performing above expectations that you should move while they are still hot and you can still get something big for them.

Philadelphia Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz

Ruiz’s average draft position was undrafted! That right there tells you something about the guy, he was not expected to do much except be a waiver wire pick up as a backup catcher for someone.  Now Ruiz has absolutely torn the cover off the ball this season. He is batting .366 with 7 home runs and 29RBIs.  Ruiz is the number 1 catcher in fantasy this season, if he’s that at the end of the season you can yell at me all you want for telling you to trade him.  I don’t expect Ruiz to be in the top 5 at the end of the season but some where between 7 and 10 which is still good if you just look where they are ranked, but when it comes to hitting catchers this season they are hard to find and if you have one you are lucky.  Ruiz is a career .272 hitter and has averaged 6 home runs and 39RBIs in his career. I expect him to surpass his career high in RBIs (53) but don’t expect 100+ from him.  So while he’s still hot I’d move him there are teams out there that WILL overpay for him if they are in dire need of a catcher.

Texas Rangers outfielder Nelson Cruz

Nelson Cruz is a big name for a reason he can hit but he has problems staying healthy, he’s never played more than 128 games in a season.  Cruz has great power and will get you home runs when he’s not on the DL but he’s always finds himself on the DL. Cruz is batting .276 this season with 7 home runs and 34RBIs.  Cruz has heated up here in the month of May batting .301 with 5 home runs and 23RBIs.  Cruz will probably end the season with his average some where around where he’s at now and the home runs and RBIs will be up there but if he gets hurt and is out for a long period of time you will have a big hole in your lineup.  Players like Nelson Cruz can get you a lot because people just see the name and see what he’s done the past 3 season’s.  If you are team contending for a playoff spot your best bet would be to unload Cruz cause you’ll get top talent for a guy that probably won’t play more than 140 games this season.

Los Angeles Dodgers SP Chris Capuano

Capuano has came out of nowhere this season with a 7-1 record and an ERA of 2.14 but  can he keep this up for the entire season? Its not likely he has a career record of 64-65 and an ERA of 4.25 so the chances of him keeping this up are highly unlikely.  Now with Capuano you won’t get much as  Nelson Cruz or Carlos Ruiz because he’s a player that people know does not have a very good career record.  You should still be able to get really good talent but you are not going to get what his stats say he should be worth.  Needless to say that by the end of the season Capuano will just be an average pitcher and you wouldn’t be able to get much of anything for him then compared to what you could get for him now.

Baltimore Orioles 1B/3B Chris Davis

When Chris Davis arrived on the seen in Texas the Rangers thought they had there first  baseman of the future, but as the strikeouts continued to pile up and he continued to struggle the Rangers traded him to Baltimore.  This season he is batting .313 with 9 home runs and 23RBIs.  Davis is a career .259 hitter and I expect by the end of the season he’ll be closer to his career average rather than what he’s batting now.  Davis has never played more than 113 games in a season.  Davis is still young so maybe he’s got it all figured out now but I doubt it.  Much like Capuano you won’t get the type of talent based on the way he’s producing but you will get someone who will be doing much better when the season ends.

Oakland Athletics outfielder Josh Reddick

Reddick has been one of the only bright spots out in Oakland this season as he’s batting .276 with 14 home runs and 27RBIs.  This is Reddick’s 4th season in the majors and first with Oakland.  When with Boston Reddick never played more than 87 games in a season so there is much in the way of stats on Reddick.  Reddick has already set a career high in home runs and is 2RBIs away from setting a career high in RBIs. Now he didn’t get much of an opportunity in Boston but I don’t see him keeping this pace up as he’s projected for 45 home runs and 87RBIs.  He will more than likely finish somewhere between 25 and 30 home runs and 75RBIs.  Reddick is a bit of mystery because he won’t get you much if you try and trade him now but if he continues hitting like this into the middle of June you will be able to get a lot more for him then than you would now. So its up to you if you want to take the chance that he’ll hit like this until then.


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