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2012 N.B.A Draft Profiles: Dion Waiters

dion waiters

N.B.A Position: SG/PG

N.B.A Comparison: Dwyane Wade/Rodney Stuckey

Measurements: 6 Feet 4 Inches; 221 Pounds; 6 Foot 7 Inch Wingspan

Dion Waiters is a highly intriguing prospect in this years draft. Not a spiting image of Dwyane Wade but, has a lot of the shifty and quickness of a Wade and the body strength and finishing ability of a Rodney Stuckey. Waiters also has a great 3 point shot beyond N.B.A range, explosive athleticism and great play in the passing lanes. One thing that brings up some concern is his height. At 6’4, Waiters has a slight disadvantage guarding normal sized 2 guards being able to shoot over the top of him. He also has had some maturity concerns in the past but, in a good system with a strong coach and locker room, those problems shouldn’t reappear. Even with those few flaws, Dion Waiters balances out to be one of the top prospects in the draft and a very solid building block for a rebuilding team.

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