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2012 N.B.A Draft Predictions: Booms, Busts, and Hidden Gems

Andre Drummond

With about a week left until the draft and different teams beginning to finalize their draft big boards, it seem to be the perfect time to make predictions. This article may make me a genius in a few years or completely wrong with my analysis. Either way, I’m willing to risk my N.B.A prospect evaluating reputation and embark on this article, after all, no one is always right.

1st prediction: Andre Drummond will be the best center in the N.B.A in 5-7 years

Reasoning: Andre Drummond is a very risky prospect and every general manager is mortified at the thought of being the one to draft “Kwame Brown the 2nd”. That being said, Drummond has more athleticism than Kwame Brown ever could have dreamed of having. He also is developing an already decent midrange game, coupling that with freakish lateral agility and an N.B.A body before having the chance to work with any N.B.A trainers. When all this is taken into account, you have a prospect with tons of upside and seemingly sure fire professional success.

2nd prediction: Terrence Ross will be a draft day steal/gem

Reasoning: Terrence Ross is a 6 foot 7 inch, uber-athletic, long, quick, agile shooting guard who also has a beautiful shooting stroke. These ingredients, in the N.B.A, generally result in a super successful player at the 2 guard position. But, most of these attributes are also shared by all the other shooting guards in the top 15 range and it’s also not what sets Ross apart. Ross is a hard nosed, lock down, and quick defender. He is able to stay infront of offensive players with his quick feet and 6 foot 7 inch wingspan and he is also more committed to the defensive end of the floor than any other shooting guard prospect seems to be in his draft range.

3rd prediction: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist will be a bust.

Reasoning: MKG is absolutely one of the most hardworking prospect the draft has seen in a long time and he comes from a John Calipari program that constantly produces success but, in my review of his workouts and film, he just doesn’t seem to have the it factor. I really havent seen much too much of a skill set and his outside jump shot was more than lack luster during all of last college basketball season. A lot of scouts do believe that, because of his uncanny work ethic and willingness to improve, there should be no problems with him being a great professional player but, to each his own.

Bonus predictions- Mike Scott from the University of Virginia and Evan Fournier from France are two border line, 2nd round prospects, I feel, could be better than a lot of players that are projected to go in the first round. Be on the lookout for those two as the draft approaches, remember me if these prospects perform the way I predicted and forget this article if they dont.

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