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Martez and Friends Give Back: NFL Players Give Back To Chicago Community With Football/Cheer Camp


Every day a professional athlete walks in the limelight, but it is very rarely that the athlete is noted for making a positive difference in their community. Martez Wilson is that different athlete. Alongside former University of Illinois teammates Joshua Brent (Dallas Cowboys), Nate Bussey (New Orleans Saints), Mikel LeShoure (Detroit Lions) and former roommate Richard Sherman (Seattle Seahawks) Martez Wilson came back to Chicago to make a difference.

In an interview with Full Scale Sports Wilson said “I grew up from the same streets some of these kids grew up on, I came from the projects. Some athletes coming from Chicago go on to other places but I will never forget where I came from.”

While teaching young men from the ages of 8-16, Martez and company not only got involved running football drills, but they talked with each camper as the day went on.

The fun was showcased during the 7 on 7 flag football in which the older guys competed and the ladies were invited to play as well! The coaches were Nate Bussey (Saints) and Richard Sherman (Seahawks) and both brought their on-field intensity to the sidelines.

Of course, Martez was helping his teammate Nate Bussey with coaching duties and it was their team that prevailed victorious during the series of games. During halftime breaks of the games all the players not only conversed with the campers, but brought a real-football atmosphere with play calling, huddles, and everything a football game should have.

From left to right: Joshua Brent (Cowboys), Richard Sherman (Seahawks), Martez Wilson (Saints), Mikel LeShoure (Lions) and Nate Bussey (Saints)

When speaking about the camp Wilson said “I came from the same streets these kids are coming from, and I’ll never forget where I came from so I felt that I should give back to the community.”

Without a doubt, Martez and his friends made a difference with this camp. The football players from all ages walked away feeling “smarter, stronger, and excited” for their upcoming football careers.

It’s not every day that the younger generation is blessed to meet their role models in the athletes that they watch on television, but Martez Wilson not only brought himself, but a few of his friends aboard, to make a difference.

On the field, Martez Wilson, a play-maker. Off the field, Martez Wilson, Richard Sherman, Nate Bussey, Mikel LeShoure, and Joshua Brent, difference makers. The impact that one football player can make on a hit on the field, is nothing comparable to the impact they made on these campers’ lives.

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    August 13, 2012 at 7:26 pm

    Illini mentioned Illinois’ perblom with penalties after the NIU game and in the Ohio State preview as something the team must eliminate. The team did well for most of

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