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Have You Met SupaFreak? Martez Wilson Making Statement For Saints

Tennessee Titans v New Orleans Saints

Martez Wilson Blocking A Punt In Week 1 Of The 2012 Season

Through all things that the New Orleans Saints have been through, there are many things looking up for young players on this team. Over the summer, we were blessed to help out with Saints DE/OLB Martez Wilson at his youth football and cheer champ back in his home of Chicago.

During which not only did I have a chance to meet Martez and help give back, I got to know him. Martez Wilson is fierce, strong, and most importantly, ambitious.  During the interview I held with him at his camp, Wilson said “this is going to be a record-breaking, history making season for me.”

Through two games so far, Wilson has a blocked punt vs Washington and two tackles vs the Carolina Panthers. Speaking of which, his first career sack? 2011 Rookie of the Year, Cam Newton, whom Wilson sacked during the 2011-12 season.

The future is certainly unpredictable, but Martez Wilson aka “SupaFreak” certainly has a bright future. At 6’4” and 250-pounds, there’s valid reason for his SupaFreak nickname. To know and understand Wilson you must hear or read the story of a man who came back from a stabbing and a broken neck during his college career. From adversity to impact, although the road is not over for Wilson, it has just began.

A SupaFreak on the field, and one of the nicest guys you could ever meet off the field. This was not only written to open the eyes of the casual NFL fan to one of the best young defensive player in the game, but to say Happy 24th Birthday to Martez Wilson.


It’s an honor to say I have met you, and it’s an honor to have your name alongside FullScaleSports.com.

Otherwise, if you haven’t heard of Martez Wilson yet, you have now, and you will continue to, if you keep watching.

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