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2013 NFL Mock Draft 2.0

2007 NFL Draft

There are now 24 teams at home planning their off-season moves, the deeper in the playoffs we go the easier it becomes to do mock drafts like these. I decided to go with a twist this time though, everyone is assuming Geno Smith goes number 1 but have you stopped & considered Alex Smith & Matt Flynn? Think about it Andy Reid could make a play for one of those guys in the off-season. So with that in mind, I decided to orchestrate a draft where Geno Smith doesn’t go number 1….so here goes nothing I hope you enjoy!!!


1. Kansas City Chiefs – Jarvis Jones-OLB-Georgia


Mr.Pass rush himself! The Chiefs have a lot of talent on that roster for Reid to play with & I suggest them either looking quarterback in the 2nd or bringing in a free agent thus allowing them to draft bpa (best player available) with this pick. Jarvis Jones is a future STUD! 14.5 sacks this year and he missed two games! I don’t see them drafting Star Loutuleilei here because they drafted Poe early last year, in a league where the pass is becoming more relevant elite pass rushers have become such an important commodity  & this is why I believe Kansas City takes Jarvis Jones.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars – Dion Jordan-OLB-Oregon


Dion Jordan is a straight up freak of nature, this guy has superstar written all over him, he’s 6-7 240 & runs a 4.58 in the 40 yard dash. HELLO!! This kid is special & you can’t pass up a talent like this, you can throw him anywhere you want in the Jags 3-4 scheme he can play with his hand in the dirt, he can play standing up & he’s got the speed & quickness to cover tight ends & backs in a zone scheme or  in man. Like I said for Jones you can’t pass up elite pass rushers in this day & age.

3. Oakland Raiders – Star Loutuleilei-NT-Utah

The Raiders are a team that have a ton of holes & they can’t stop anybody on the ground they’ve been giving up 122 yards a game in a division with backs such as Jamaal Charles, Ryan Matthews & the way Denver likes to run the football your going to need to sure up the front 7. Lotulelei is a run stuffing, unmovable object who has some quickness to him so he can provide good pass rush up the middle.

4. Philadelphia Eagles – Luke Joeckel-OT-A&M

The Eagles can’t protect anyone who plays quarterback for them this year & if they’re going to go with Foles going forward they’ll need a left tackle in place to protect the kids blind side & who better than Joeckel? They’ll have to get LeSean McCoy going early & often next year to keep the pressure off of their young qb, Joeckel is a perfect fit here

5. Detroit Lions – Dee Milliner-CB-Alabama


The Detroit lions need secondary help, their front 7 is strong but they struggle in the back-end. I’m not sold on Milliner but I do believe he’s the most complete corner in this draft. He has the ability to cover a number 1 or 2 wideout & is physical enough to help in run support. I often here the term “shut down corner” Milliner is not a shut down corner at the next level that phrase is used way too much now a days, but Milliner will be good he’s got quick hips, a great understanding of the game & pretty good ball skills he should be a starter for years to come.

6. Cleveland Browns – Damontre Moore-OLB/DE-A&M


The Browns have started to turn things around drafting Joe Haden a couple of years ago & choosing Brandon Weeden & Trent Richardson this year have proven to pay off. I believe it goes without saying the Browns need help at wideout but with the style of football they want to play with Richardson it makes more sense to strengthen the defense & go with the style that took the Jets to two AFC title games, run the football & play good defense. The Browns could look tight end or wideout in the 2nd but I think a pass rush is just what the doctor ordered in Cleveland.

7. Arizona Cardinalis Taylor Lewan-OT-Michigan


The Cardinals need a quarterback I understand, but there are some guys I believe in the 2nd worth looking at like a Matt Barkley, Tyler Wilson, Mike Glennon or even Landry Jones in the 3rd. They NEED to protect whoever is under center next year & that starts with a future bookend tackle to protect that blind side & Lewan is that guy.

8. Buffalo Bills – Johnathan Hankins-DT-Ohio State

Johnathan Hankins

Hankins is a run stuffing defensive tackle that has the quickness to develop some pass rushing moves. This 6’3, 300 pound junior is just what the doctor ordered for the Bills, a team that’s spent a lot of money on the defensive side of the ball but can’t stop anyone on the ground ironically. Hankins paired with Marcel Darius gives them two guys up the middle that should cause havoc for years to come.

9. New York Jets – Geno Smith-QB-West Virginia


The Mark Sanchez era needs to end here with the 9th overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft! Geno Smith has all of the tools to be an elite quarterback down the line, he has the arm strength to make all of the throws on the route tree, pin point accuracy & he’s athletic enough to avoid the pass rush & extend the play to find open guys down the field. My one problems with Geno is he looked really disturbed this year when dealing with pressure & his decision-making after his first two reads seems off like he panics if his first two reads aren’t there. Also I’d like to see him use his legs to pick up first downs when the defense gives him a gap. With the right coaching & some talent around him I think Geno can be a great fit in New York.

 10. Tennessee Titans – Bjoern Werner-DE-Florida State


Werner has a SERIOUS motor on him, he’s a guy that will never give up on the play, you wont see him taking plays off & their will never be a question of hustle with Bjoern Werner. The Titans need pass rush bad, they also need a defense that can stop somebody, too often they fall behind early & they aren’t built to come from behind at all. You have to strengthen up that defense this way it takes pressure off Jake Locker & you can hand the ball to Chris Johnson more. I’d love to see the Titans get Locker a true number one wideout but I don’t believe there is one in this draft so if I’m Tennessee I’m taking Werner.

11. San Diego Chargers – Manti Te’o-MLB-Notre Dame


“Oh how the mighty have fallen” haha, all jokes aside I have Te’o slipping from 5th on my first mock to 11th here to the Chargers who need a defensive quarterback & that’s exactly what you’re getting in Te’o. Not just his athleticism & sideline to sideline quickness, you get his on the field smarts his intensity & focus will transcend that Chargers defense. I think this is a good solid fit for Te’o.

12. Miami Dolphins – Eric Fisher-OT-Central Michigan


The Dolphins need to protect their investment in Ryan Tannehill & what better way than drafting a 6’7 305 left tackle? Their clearly going to lose Jake Long & Eric Fisher is a perfect replacement for him. The Dolphins like running the football which is one of Fisher’s strong suits, Central Michigan averaged 6.2 on the ground this year & they did most of their running behind the talented senior from Rochester Michigan.

 13. Tampa Bay Bucs – Johnathan Banks-CB-Mississippi State


Banks is a plus size corner standing at 6’2, his size & quickness is going to shoot him up draft boards come combine time trust me. This kid is physical in the run game like a downhill safety & has the ball skills of a cover corner, works well in zone & man schemes I think he’ll be a good fit for that Bucs defense going forward.

14. Carolina Panthers – Eric Reid-S-LSU


The Panthers secondary is God awful, its time for some serious overhaul in the back-end of that defense & what better way to start than to get your qb of the secondary? Last year they drafted Luke Kuechly to be their future at middle linebacker & he’s looking like he’ll be a stud for 10+ years, now what you do is pair a safety with him & you have a foundation for a defense going forward. Cam Newton cant score points & play defense so its time to invest some picks on that side of the ball. Reid is a ball hawk with the toughness to stick his nose in for run support. The Panthers can help Cam a ton by drafting defense here & they can help out Kuechly by drafting Reid.

 15. New Orleans Saints – Sheldon Richardson-DT-Missouri


Sheldon Richardson is a BEAST!!! The Saints can’t stop anyone on the ground this year, I could put Earl Campbell in a wheel chair behind the offensive line of your local junior college team & he’d average 4 yards a carry on the Saints defense. All jokes aside he’s had some off the field trouble & injury concerns but you bring a guy like this in, get him focused & he can really be a special player for years to come.

 16. St.Louis Rams – Kenny Vaccaro-S-Texas


Vaccaro is a ball hawk with an amazing football IQ. He’s the kind of guy that puts players in the right spots & can be a quarterback on defense for you. Not only is he great in coverage, Kenny Vaccaro has the toughness to stick his nose in the run game & give support. The Rams brought in Finnegan & drafted Jenkins to secure the corner spot & its time to add a young safety to the mix.

 17. Pittsburg Steelers – Giovani Bernard-RB-North Carolina


The Steelers backfield is a joke & they just released Chris Rainey so personally I think its time to get a guy that can handle the load night in & night out. Gio is that guy! He’s versatile, quick & strong. He’s got power in-between the tackles, the quickness to get around the edge on sweeps & tosses & the moves to make a defensive back miss on the second level, not to mention he lowers his head for the extra 2-3 yards & finishes off runs. The Steelers have always been known for having a premier back & its time they get back to that.

18. Dallas Cowboys – Chance Warmack-OG-Alabama

North Texas v Alabama

Chance Warmack may be the best offensive lineman in this draft period the end. The Cowboys struggled running the football & protecting Tony Romo & a lot of that pressure came from up the middle on the guards & center. I think if you have a chance to grab this kid you go for it he’s the kind of guy that plays for 10+ years at a all-pro level.

 19. New York Giants – Sam Montgomery-DE-LSU


Sam Montgomery is a long & athletic defensive end out of LSU that I love for the Giants at this spot. They’re going to lose Osi Umenyiora to free agency & you know how they like cycling young pass rushers, I think he’s a good fit on that defense his combination of length, size & speeds fits the mold of pass rusher the Giants usually target.

20. Chicago Bears – Jonathan Cooper-OG-North Carolina


Jonathan Cooper is in my opinion the 2nd best pure guard in the draft & with Matt Forte in your backfield you need athletic strong interior offensive linemen. Cooper is excellent when it comes to pulling & handles down lineman in the passing game very well; also his blitz pick up is exceptional. They need to protect Jay Cutler up the middle & Cooper is the man for the job.

21. Cincinnati Bengals – Matt Elam-S-Florida


The Bengals struggled in the back-end at times this year, so much so they had to bring Crocker out of retirement to sure up their secondary. Guys like Taylor Mays just can’t get it done, Reggie Nelson is an above average guy back their, you pair him with a aggressive guy like Matt Elam & you have a good pair of young safeties going forward. Elam is stout in run support & shows pretty good ball skills, having an experienced defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer should turn this guy into a stud.

22. St.Louis Rams – Tyler Eifert-TE-Notre Dame


Tyler Eifert to me is the best tight end in the draft, he’s a guy that you can flex out & play one on one with any defensive back in the league. He’s a great inline blocker & has the ability to attack a defense from anywhere on the field. Sam Bradford needs weapons, the best way to make a quarterback more comfortable is with a good tight end, well Eifert is a great tight end.

23. Minnesota Vikings – Terence Williams-WR-Baylor


If speed could kill this kid would be wanted in all 50 states. A dynamic receiver from Baylor, Terence Williams has all of the tools to be a great number 2 in this league. He can blow the top off of a defense in a New York minute & catches the ball well with his hands. The Vikings need play makers & they’ll probably lose Percy Harvin so Williams seems like a no brainer to me. If you’re the Vikings you have to upgrade the quarterback spot, I suggest doing that in rounds 2 or 3 but you NEED to make sure teams aren’t stacking the box next year & the only way to do that is to have a guy that can beat man coverage down the field, Williams is that guy.

24. Indianapolis Colts – Barret Jones-C/OG-Alabama


Barret Jones is a swiss army knife, won hardware in 2011 as a guard for Bama & won hardware this year at center. He’s a leader on the field, the type of center that can call your audibles & put the rest of your offensive line in the position to be successful. Jones’ versatility is key & it’s why I see him going here at 24 to the Colts.

25. Baltimore Ravens – Ezekiel Ansah-DE/OLB-BYU


The Ravens may lose Paul Kruger this off-season & even if they don’t its time to start getting younger on that side of the ball. Obviously they need a replacement for Ray Lewis but I like the 2nd round linebackers & I love this kid Ansah. He’s got raw skills, reminds me alot of Jason Peirre-Paul, in his first year you may have to use him in just pass rushing situations but with the veterans on that defense & coaching staff they can coach this kid up to be a superstar in the future.

26. Houston Texans – Kevin Minter-ILB-LSU


The Texans were seriously hurt this year when Brian Cushing went down, they don’t have a legit inside linebacker on that roster trust me I’ve checked. Minter fits their defense like a glove! He’s got the athleticism to run sideline to sideline, he covers well out of the back field & I like him downhill against the run. Some people think it’s a reach here but I love the fit.

27. Atlanta Falcons – Zac Ertz-TE-Stanford


The Atlanta Falcons are set to lose Tony Gonzales in the off-season, let me rephrase myself, Matt Ryan is set to lose Tony Gonzales in the off-season hahaha. Seriously though Zac Ertz is a good fit for the Falcons, he’s helpful in the running game & you can line him up anywhere on the field & create match up problems

28. Green Bay Packers – Alec Olgetree-ILB-Georgia

Alec Ogletree

This one is a late Christmas present for Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers, here’s your new toy, a 6’3 232 pound athlete that played safety but was converted to inside backer for Georgia where he excelled to say the least. I still believe Olgetree can move back to safety & be effective but Capers loves his hybrid guys, he’ll be able to leave Alec down in the box to help with the run game & he has the speed & quickness to cover tight ends as well as backs out of the backfield.

29. Denver Broncos – D.J Fluker-OT-Alabama


The Broncos may lose Ryan Clady to free agency this off-season & if so I can see them reaching for a guy like Fluker who most scouts have as a 2nd round guy. I think he’s got the potential to be a good tackle at the next level, he’s got good size & quickness, I think he’ll be a good fit for the Broncos.

30. Seattle Seahawks – Robert Woods-WR-USC

Robert Woods

Seattle & its rookie quarterback Russell Wilson have enjoyed a lot of success on the field to the tune of an 11-5 regular season record. While Wilson was better than expected his receiving core lacks a number one & a deep threat, lucky for them Robert Woods is both. Sub 4.4 40 yard dash, strong hands & great agility is what makes Robert Woods the dynamic player he is. Not only does Pete Carroll know what Woods can do he knows what he can’t do, that’s important because often with rookie receivers they struggle learning how to read coverage & what not but with Carroll he can make sure he puts Woods in situations to succeed.

31. New England Patriots – Tavon Austin-WR-West Virginia


Do I have to even write a summary for Tavon Austin? Not only did this kid catch over 100 balls this year he ran the ball 73 times & averaged 8.9 yards a carry. Tom Brady should be jumping for joy if this kid is here at 31. With Wes Welker to teach him all the ins & outs of the slot, Austin could give teams trouble with the underneath stuff, not to mention he’s a weapon in the running game, a Percy Harvin 2.0 if you will.

32. San Fransisco 49ers – Phillip Thomas-S-Fresno State

NCAA Football: Colorado at Fresno State

This may be the biggest reach of this mock but I love this kid! He’s a flat-out BALL HAWK! With some serious ball skills & hand-eye coordination, I love him in man, zone & playing centerfield or a deep 3rd, he’s got all of the tools to be an awesome defensive back at the next level. The 9ers probably wont resign pro-bowl safety Dashon Golson & why not replace him with a kid who I think is going to be a flat-out stud.

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