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Best Of The Bunch: Why T.J Yeldon Is Saban’s Best RB Yet


The college football season is on the horizon, conferences have begun their media days & I can almost smell the fresh-cut grass & hear the roar of the home crowds. For us media types the time has come for us to cement our predictions which include turn in our pre-season rankings, Heisman favorites & as always our biggest upsets to look out for. For me it’s time to look into some of the rising stars from last year’s season & try to predict who will have staying power & who will fall by the way side.

For me when looking at some of the names who burst on the scene last year there was no bigger impact than Alabama’s T.J Yeldon. While it’s easy to say Johnny Manziel made the biggest contribution to his team, I think we can all agree that as a talent Yeldon is head & shoulders above Mr. Johnny Football. Never before have I seen a freshman running back that looked like he could step on an NFL field & be a 1,000 yard back, remember we are talking about a kid who was one year removed from high-school last year.

T.J Yeldon may go unnoticed to some because of the success of his predecessors but I’m here to tell you he’s the best out of the bunch. His combination of raw athleticism, power & agility is unparalleled not to mention he’s a decent receiver out of the backfield. One can make the argument that he’s running behind the best offensive line in college football, but when you consider the defenses he faces in the SEC you can only drop your jaw at the number the true freshman from Daphne Alabama put up in 2012.

While backing up senior running back Eddie Lacy in 2012, T.J Yeldon posted 1,108 yards with 12 touchdowns on just 175 carries, which is an average of 6.3 yards per carry. It also needed to be noted that Yeldon caught 11 passes in 2012 for 131 yards & a touchdown. While his receiving numbers aren’t eye-popping consider this, if you throw the ball to you back & he gets you 12 yards a reception I’m sure you’ll take that. Yeldon truly is a special talent he has the ability to run through, around & by defenders & he makes it looks easy. I’ve gone on the record saying he’s the best running back of the Nick Saban era & that’s saying a lot.

With 2013 shaping up to be a big year for the quarterbacks I feel like Yeldon is being over looked when the Heisman conversation but I wouldn’t be shocked if Yeldon was one of our finalists at the end of the season he’s that good. Alabama has always been known for his ground & pound style of offense so expect Yeldon to get as many touches as he can handle I’m 2012. I won’t sit here and say Yeldon will win the Heisman or lead Alabama to another national championship but I can tell you he’s the best all-around back I’m the country & will dominate college football I’m 2013.

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