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Jim Vasil: NY Giants Must Act Now To Save Themselves


(photo: Chris Keane/Reuters)

Through the first three games of the season, the New York Giants have literally gone from bad to cannot-do-any-worse.

Big Blue plummeted to 0-3 on Sunday after being routed 38-0 by the 1-2 Carolina Panthers. It was the worst loss for the Giants under head coach Tom Coughlin, and the first time the team has begun the season 0-3 since 1996.

Statistically, it was the franchise’s worst game in over 10 years.

Through the embarrassment, the listlessness, and the lost, befuddled look on the players’ faces, the Giants are looking like a high school squad more and more each week, and just when you think things can’t get worse, they do. As of right now, they are publicly one of the worst teams in the NFL.

I will not get into the “Why’s” and the “How’s” or blame any player, coach or front office member. All that I will say is that something has to happen this week. As an NFL organization, especially one as decorated and revered as the Giants, you simply cannot allow your worst game in over a decade to occur without taking some form of subsequent action in the days following. What am I implying? Coughlin being fired? GM Jerry Reese being fired? Benching Eli?

The truth is I’m not implying or endorsing any specific action at all. I’m implying that SOME form of action must be taken. Do I believe any of the three actions I mentioned above will happen? No, not immediately at least. All three, however, could be warranted. Coughlin could be fired because he has not prepared his team adequately thus far and is about to lose his players; Reese could be let go due to his neglect of glaring personnel issues (no notable LB’s drafted or acquired, signing OT Will Beatty to a $30M deal and watching him give up 3 sacks today, etc.); Eli could be benched because when he doesn’t take a sack, he turns the ball over, and when he doesn’t turn the ball over, he takes a sack.

These are all warranted decisions to possibly be made, none of them likely to happen, however. But regardless, if the Giants want to have a shot of making the playoffs this year (which, given the fact that they are only 2 games out in the division, they could), they need to do SOMETHING this week to at least attempt at a comeback, which only five 0-3 teams in NFL history were able to do. Add players, drop players, fire someone… ANY action at this point will only help them.

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