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Miami Hurricanes: Stacy Coley could be the next Andre Johnson


The Miami Hurricanes have had a number of talented wide outs over the years none more popular than Andre Johnson, it might be a little early to say this but I think they may have the next Andre Johnson on their hands. True freshman wide out Stacy Coley is looking more and more like the future star of the program as the week’s progress, he had a tough first game as a collegiate football player dropping two huge passes but since then has looked like a star in the making.

For those of you who don’t know who Stacy Coley is, he’s a true freshman wide out by way of Northeast high school. Coley has pretty good size standing at 6’1, 180 lbs. and runs like the wind. Not only can this kid flat out fly on a football field, he’s got really good hands, good quickness to get in and out of his breaks and for a freshman he runs really smooth routes. With Miami returning guys like Hurns, Dorsett and Waters, many wondered if Coley would even see the field or if he deserved to see the field this yearly in his collegiate career. I’d say he’s not only earned his spot but solidified it.

Going into the game against USF this past weekend head coach Al Golden had this to say about his young wide out, “A couple of his punt returns were still going too much laterally. They need to get up the field. But we’ll work on that. But in terms of handling the ball in practice and not having the ball on the ground, he’s earned our trust. He and Artie Burns are going to hopefully be a factor there.” Golden also told Coley you don’t always have to run 4.31 you have to learn when to change speeds, it seems like he’s listening.

Coley caught 4 balls this weekend for 96 yards and 2 scores in Miami’s victory over USF but it’s not just the stats that impressed me. Coley looked smooth in his routes, he looked like he had a better grasp of the offense and where he needed to be on certain plays and showed much improvement as a blocker in the run game. Coley caught a 34 yard bomb in the 1st quarter for, Stephen Morris where he toe tapped his feet in the back of the end zone and honestly I saw a little bit of Andre in him. While I can’t give him the unlit ate praise of being as good as Andre Johnson just yet, take it from someone who watched Andre as a freshman, this kid has the potential to be the next Andre Johnson. I look for Coley to be Miami’s next offensive star and a headache for defensive coordinators for years to come.

STACY COLEY 34 yard touchdown catch:

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