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Houston Texans: Why its too early to hit the panic button in Houston


The Houston Texans are 2-2 following a tough loss to the Seattle Seahawks, a game where they led by as much as 17 points, fans in Houston have begun to hit the panic button and some have resorted to burning jerseys. I’m here to tell you it’s way too early to panic and the Texans are still in good shape. While I do agree they should’ve won against Seattle it’s not the end of the world to lose to a team that many have rated as the best team in the league. The late game interception does bother me but if you ask me Schaub should have never been put in that situation in the first place. With all of that being said, I don’t think it’s time to panic just yet in Houston.

The Texans have always been a ground and pound team, something that makes a ton of sense because of the way they’re currently constructed on offense. I feel like coach Kubiak tends to get away from that a bit too much at times with his attempt to have a balance offensive attack. I understand having guys like DeAndre Hopkins and Andre Johnson make it easy to want to go pass happy but you do have two backs in your stable that are capable of grinding out a game and imposing their will on opposing defenses. This has to be the formula for success for Houston especially at the end of games when they have a lead. The Texans currently rank 6th in rushing at the moment and are doing it by handing the ball to both Arian Foster and Ben Tate, Foster’s carried it 76 times for 292 and a touchdown while Tate has 34 carried for 228, both have been extremely productive and should be the focal point of this offense. To sum it up hand the ball to Arian Foster until he throws up then hand him the ball again.

One huge problem with the offense of the Texans this year has been the lack of success on their play action bootleg, which is a staple in Kubiak’s offense, teams have caught on to this and well as you saw this past Sunday are waiting for that play to be called. Maybe it’s time to change it up a bit, run the same bootleg but change the routes, or flip flop the patterns to throw off opposing defensive coordinators. Another big problem has been 3rd down efficiency, the Texans offense ranks 19th in 3rd down efficiency I don’t have to tell you how big of a problem that is. Also take into consideration their defense ranks 19th in 3rd down efficiency which tells me the offense isn’t stay on the field and the defense can’t get off the field. What’s astonishing is even with that their defense is 2nd in the league in total defense and has given up the fewest passing yards thus far.

Guys like J.J Watt, Antonio Smith, Brian Cushing and second year outside linebacker Whitney Mercilus have been playing out if their minds thus far. Watt and Mercilus both have 3.5 sacks while Smith has 2.5; Cushing is the man in the middle and has been flying all over the field making plays. The key to winning will be those handfuls of guys getting after the quarterback and causing more turnovers. The Texans currently have two interceptions on the young season that’ll have to improve no doubt and if these guys keep getting after opposing signal callers that number will pick up. What the Texans have to do to turn things around is simple, run the football and play defense. It’s that simple, I’d like to see them evolve their play action game though and take some shots down the field with their wide outs that would completely throw defenses off.

In the past the Texans have struggled in the red zone but with two tight ends like Garrett Graham and Owen Daniels this shouldn’t be an issue going forward. Both have 3 touchdowns apiece so far and I look for that number to go up as the season progresses. Andre is going to be Andre and the rookie Hopkins looks like he’s coming along well this far. Andre’s caught 34 balls thus far for 368 yards and Hopkins has 20 catches for 270 and a touchdown. Look Texans fans it’s way too early to burn jerseys or give up on the season. The recipe for success is clear as day, run the football, have efficient play from your quarterback and continue to play lights out defense and this team will be fine. Most of all when you get a lead on a team use those two work horse running backs to put teams away, a good defense and a running game can still win at this level if they stick to that they’ll be fine.

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