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Cleveland Cavaliers Open To Shopping Dion Waiters


CLEVELAND – The Cleveland Cavaliers are planning to build a contender and it looks like Dion Waiters isn’t a part of the plan. The team is reportedly shopping the second year shooting guard to multiple clubs. ESPN’s Chris Broussard first reported the ongoing negotiations the Cavaliers are having with teams.

Waiters has said he is open to being traded as well. One reason Waiters is being shopped by the Cavaliers is due to his poor output on the court. Waiters is averaging a mere 13 points, three rebounds and 2.3 assists. Because of this, the Cavs are giving his minutes to players such as C.J Miles and Jarret Jack, which could make Waiters frustrated. Another reason is off the court issues with teammates.

As shown in the previous tweet, Cleveland is talking to three known teams in specific: the Philadelphia 76ers, New York Knicks and Chicago Bulls. In these ongoing trade discussions, Cleveland is targeting three players in specific: Evan Turner, Iman Shumpert and Luol Deng.

A Turner-for-Waiters swap would give Cavs point guard Kyrie Irving and Sixers point guard Michael Carter-Williams solid players to pass the ball off to. While Irving would have a decreased scoring load, Carter-Williams would have an increased scoring load, which is something the Sixers could desire due to his emergence. Carter-Williams would be the primary and only ball handler for the Sixers starters. This deal could make current injury replacement Spencer Hawes a permanent fixture in the starting five. The Sixers would also rid a productive piece on their team, setting themselves up to tank once again.This potential deal would also let the Cavaliers make room in the starting five for free agent target LeBron James.

Cleveland Cavaliers Position Philadelphia 76ers
Kyrie Irving PG Michael Carter-Williams
Evan Turner SG Dion Waiters
Earl Clark SF Thaddeus Young
Tristan Thompson PF Spencer Hawes
Anderson Varejao C Nerlens Noel

A Waiters-for-Shumpert deal would be the most ideal for the Cavaliers. Once again, Shumpert would slide perfectly at the shooting guard slot and would be a perfect complimentary piece for the Cavs as he won’t need the ball in his hand to be productive. This especially bodes well if LeBron James decides to come back to Cleveland. This would, however, leave the Knicks in a bad situation. Waiters would start and J.R Smith would slide into the sixth man role. This being said, would give the Knicks too many players score-first players on their roster with Waiter, Smith and Carmelo Anthony all fighting for points. Waiters won’t have even close to the same amount of defensive edge Iman Shumpert had as well and leave the Knicks suspect on the defensive side of the ball.

Cleveland Cavaliers Position New York Knicks
Kyrie Irving PG Raymond Felton
Iman Shumpert SG Dion Waiters
Earl Clark SF Carmelo Anthony
Tristan Thompson PF Andrea Bargnani
Anderson Varegao C Tyson Chandler

Sending Waiters to the Bulls for Deng is another confusing proposition. Yes, Deng’s hefty contract would bode well in the summer of 2014 (cough cough LeBron James), but the Cavs would have no viable shooting guard for the future. As for the Bulls, the deal would mark the end of playoff contention and the beginning of rebuilding and if the Bulls are pursuing top picks such as Chicago’s own Jabari Parker, they would probably want to keep a wing position open. With rising star Jimmy Butler able to play shooting guard and small forward, Waiters would be sent to the bench in the long term and that would frustrate him.

Cleveland Cavaliers Position Chicago Bulls
Kyrie Irving PG Derrick Rose
C.J Miles SG Dion Waiters
Luol Deng SF Jimmy Butler
Tristan Thompson PF Carlos Boozer
Anderson Varejao C Joakim Noah


If there’s one thing to learn from this article, it’s that this trade rumor is one that should be monitored. Although it doesn’t seem like it, this could be a game breaking deal

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