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Knicks chairman James Dolan says no firings or trades coming

James Dolan

Despite their horrid 2013 season so far, the New York Knicks just got a huge push of confidence. According to Marc Stein of ESPN, the Knicks were recently spoke to by chairman James Dolan, who said that no trades of players or firings of coaches, including Mike Woodson, are coming.

The talk came in the first team practice since the team had a 29-point home loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Christmas Day. There had been several whispers and rumors that the Knicks’ players were lacking effort, and had serious concern about Woodson’s job security. Following Thursday’s practice, Woodson says he still expects the Knicks to win the division, despite starting 9-19 on the season. The Knicks have a big opportunity to climb the standings this weekend as they will play a home-and-home series against the Atlantic division leading, Toronto Raptors.

From rumors of Mike Woodson getting fired to Iman Shumpert being traded, having Dolan’s word of no changes coming, could certainly help the entire Knicks team regain their focus and get back to the winning ways they had last season. Last season Woodson led the Knicks to an Atlantic division title, their first playoff series win in 13 years, and 54 total wins on the season.

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