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David Carr wants to make NFL return and backup brother

David and Derek Carr

Former #1 overall pick, quarterback David Carr wants to return to the NFL, but not for the reason you might expect. The Houston Chronicle is reporting that David wants to return and be the backup to his brother Derek, who is listed as a top-5 quarterback in the 2014 NFL Draft quarterback class.

The Houston Texans drafted David with the first overall pick in the 2002 Draft, but 12 years later it doesn’t seem as if there is much of a chance that Derek has the same situation happen to him. While it would certainly be a great story of both Carr brothers being drafted first overall and to the Houston Texans, Derek will likely find himself a home where he can compete for a starting job right away.

That being said, it’ll be much easier for Derek to gain a job than it will be for his brother, who sat out all of the 2013 season. Something to watch for, it sounds like a dream story, but it would be a great dream come true for both Carr brothers.

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