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VIDEO: Jadeveon Clowney interviews with Jaguars

Jadevon Clowney

Gillette has a new series, ‘Pressure Points’ that is being featured on NFL.com, and their past episode, the fourth episode of the installment, gives great insight. The Jacksonville Jaguars currently own the third overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft and could go a number of ways with that pick. In this episode of ‘Pressure Points’ Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray, North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron, and South Carolina defensive Jadeveon Clowney (a top 10 projected pick) give an inside look at their NFL Combine experience, including the interview process.

Beginning around the 3:20 mark of this video, watch as Clowney sits down with members of the Jaguars staff, including head coach Gus Bradley, as they interview the potential pick. Among some of the highlights, Gus Bradley notes that they only have 15 minutes in the interview process, as well as asking Clowney about his desire to play for the Atlanta Falcons. It gives a pretty cool inside to fans who want to not only follow these prospects, but to get a behind-the-scenes look as well.



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Photo credit: (Joe Robbins/Getty Images) Video credit: NFL.com

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