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Report: Michael Vick will get chance to start for Jets if signed

Mike Vick

When Michael Vick hit free agency, he said he wanted the chance to start, and now on the eve of his first official visit, Vick may get his wish. As Vick prepares to meet with the New York Jets this weekend, Kristian Dyer of Metro reports that a source says if Vick signs with the Jets, he will get the chance to start and not just mentor Geno Smith.

“If Michael comes here, he will be given a chance to compete. Nothing beyond that is guaranteed. Geno has a bright future. We certainly drafted him thinking he can start in this league and he did last year. But competition is important to this franchise and Michael will know that if he comes here, he will be expected to compete. That will be our message.” (Metro)

“It is all about competition and nothing is guaranteed. If Michael comes in, he will have every chance to compete. Nothing is guaranteed for him or for anyone else on the roster. If he thinks he can win the starting job, this could be a good fit. It is up to him to see if he wants in to compete.” (Metro)

While there’s no guarantee that Vick will start, there’s also no guarantee that he will simply mentor Smith as well. If Vick signs with the Jets it looks like it’ll be an open competition to see who deserves the starting job more.

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