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Jim Boeheim says Tyler Ennis “could have used another year”


Jim Boeheim has been very vocal on his freshman point guard Tyler Ennis declaring for the NBA Draft, and continued to be vocal on Friday’s edition of SportsCenter. Boeheim joined the set on Friday and spoke about Ennis’ decision to declare for June’s draft.

“I think he is a great college player, but I think physically he could have used another year, I think when you get to the NBA, you need to be as physically ready as you can be, so I think Tyler could have benefited from another year, but certainly he is a tremendous player and a very smart point guard.”

“I think point guard is probably the hardest position to break into in the NBA … but he has the skill set to be able to do that … it’s just a question of landing in the right place.”

Boeheim isn’t the only one who seems a little concerned by Ennis’ decision. There have been plenty of underclassmen who have felt they were ready, but didn’t pan out in the NBA. Losing a point guard shouldn’t be new to Boeheim however as prior to last year’s draft Michael Carter-Williams jumped to the pros and is now the leading candidate for Rookie Of the Year with despite how bad the Philadelphia 76ers have played.

Coach is right in one area, point guard is one of the hardest positions to break in the NBA, and go no further than Syracuse alum Jonny Flynn to prove it. Hell of a talent for the Orange, but never lived up to his hype in the NBA. It’ll be key for Ennis to land with a team that has a veteran point guard to help groom him.

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Ennis is projected as a mid-first round pick.

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