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Lakers to request permission from Bulls to interview Tom Thibodeau

Tom Thib

Their have been a handful of candidates rumored to be linked to the Los Angeles Lakers coaching vacancy, and one of them has been influenced by Kobe Bryant. According to this report from Pro Basketball Talk, Kobe wishes the Lakers could hire Thibodeau, and while nothing is certain, the Lakers are going to reach out to him.

According to Dave McMenamin of ESPNLosAngeles.com, the Lakers have reached out to the Bulls for permission to interview Thibodeau.

Thibodeau is on a long list of candidates for the Lakers vacant coaching position, and with rumored heat between the coach and Bulls GM Gar Forman, the legacy of the Lakers could be enough to see Thibodeau walk away from Chicago. If this is truly on Kobe’s wish list, then clearly the Lakers are listening and may possibly be working with him in their search of the next head coach.

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