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Report: Three Oregon players suspended after forcible rape investigation

Demyean Dotson

An ugly dark cloud has been casted over the Oregon Ducks basketball program, as three players were named in a forcible rape allegation. Damyean Dotson has been suspended from the program after being named in a forcible rape charge, that will not be pursued due to lack of evidence.

Dotson’s teammates, Dominic Artis and Brandon Austin were also named in the report, and the school reported they were not participating in team activities. The alleged incident took place sometime during March 8 and March 9, and reported on March 13, and while persecution will not be pursued it is an ugly situation for the Oregon program to go through and one that these players may not recover from.

This is also the second arrest for Dotson who was arrested on February 22 for using a fake ID to enter a campus bar, which resulted in a one game suspension. Dotson and Artis both played for the Ducks this past season as they led Oregon to the NCAA Tournament, before being eliminated by Wisconsin in the round of 32.

A copy of the police report, which is pretty detailing and graphic, can be found here via The Oregonian

As mentioned, no persecution will be pursued due to lack of evidence, but the Ducks must now handle this entire situation with caution and according to College Basketball Talk, only three players, Joseph Young, Elgin Cook, and Jalil Abdul-Bassit remain in positive standing with the team.

Brandon Austin had just transferred to Oregon last season after being suspended indefinitely at Providence College due to another sexual assault allegation along with former teammate Rodney Bullock.

Sports Illustrated also reports that Dominic Artis is planning to transfer from Oregon after being suspended for selling team merchandise.

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