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Joe Namath says he would want Johnny Manziel on his team

Joe Namath

“Broadway” Joe Namath is a fan of Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel, no matter how much media attention he gets. Namath was making an appearance on NFL Network’s Total Access and the team dived in with Namath on Johnny Manziel and here are some of the great takeaway quotes.

“I do know one thing, I haven’t seen anyone better than [Manziel] in the last two years on that football field.”

“I also know that we love show biz. Football is a sport, but it is also entertainment, and Johnny, he’s got to live his life. Give him some room.”

“I’d love him on my team”

“I would tell Johnny not to watch or read anything about himself or his team, that’s a focus breaker.”

That was just the off-field thoughts of Namath on Manziel, so how about on field?

“It’s about that second, third, even fourth effort. The play is never over with this guy.”

“He’s got a quickness that’s pretty darn good, and he’s a good passer.”

As far as what would’ve happened if Broadway Joe was playing in a time of big social media, Namath said he would’ve had to change some stuff.

“I probably would’ve been practicing what I’m telling Johnny.”

To watch the entire video of Joe Namath breakdown Johnny Manziel on and off the field, click here.

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