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Report: Larry Sanders punched former teammate Mike Dunleavy

Larry Sanders, Mike Dunleavy, Jim Boylan

Before this past season tipped off in the NBA, the Milwaukee Bucks signed center Larry Sanders to a four-year $44 million deal, and it’s already looking to be like a move they’ll regret. Not only did Larry Sanders miss the start of the season due to a broken thumb he suffered in a club fight, but he only played in 23 games and averaged 7 points and 7 rebounds.

$44 million to a guy who only played in 23 games and averaged a 7 points and 7 rebounds? If that wasn’t enough cause for concern, maybe Sanders’ interaction with his teammates should’ve brought up red flags. First, there was a reported incident of Sanders nearly fighting with teammate Monta Ellis during the Bucks’ playoff run, and now there’s a story of Sanders actually punching a former teammate of his.

Gery Woelfel of The Journal Times on Sports Radio 1250 gives the story of Sanders punching former Buck, current Bulls forward Mike Dunleavy.

It’s one thing to make comments behind closed doors about guys if you’re a player. But when you physically hit them, that’s quite another thing. And everybody knows about the Monta Ellis incident. Earlier that same season — which didn’t go reported until I found out last season, if that makes sense  – was that early in that season, he and Mike Dunleavy had a confrontation. Dunleavy was sitting in front of his stall. After a game, they were talking about sharing the ball blah blah, and Sanders walks over and says ‘hellooo.’ Clocks him.

Yes, Sanders is only 25-years old and he does have NBA talent, so it’d be wrong to say get rid of him now. With that said, the Bucks do hold the #2 overall pick in this year’s NBA Draft and whether they get their hands on Joel Embiid, Andrew Wiggins, or Jabari Parker, Sanders will need to get along with his new teammate.

Embiid does present a serious problem however, as a player who could be talented enough, if not more talented to takeover Sanders.

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