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Richard Sherman wants Legion Of Boom on Madden 15 cover


So much for Richard Sherman being all about himself. In an interview with reports, posted on Seahawks.com, the two-time All-Pro cornerback who will grace the cover of Madden 15, wants his teammates with him. Sherman told the media that he wants his Legion Of Boom, the title for the Seahawks’ secondary, to be on the cover with him.

“I’ve been trying to get the Legion of Boom on the cover, and EA has been fighting me,” Sherman said. “So if everybody wants to start a petition to get the Legion of Boom on the cover, here it is, here’s an open invitation.”

While EA Sports is unlikely to put the Legion Of Boom on the cover of Madden 15, it’s not for any other reason other than pay. If Sherman wants Earl Thomas, Byron Maxwell, and Kam Chancellor on the cover, EA would have to pay the other three members to use their likeness on their cover.

Likely, if there was anyway that Sherman got his L.O.B. teammates on the Madden 15 cover, it would cause him to take a pay cut. It’s a nice gesture, but Sherman won the vote, and his play on the field proves, he deserves the cover.

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