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Adrian Peterson: “Age doesn’t apply to me”


Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is viewed as a freak of nature on the field, and the way he recovered off of it as well. So after recovering from a very serious ACL injury, going through other multiple injuries last season, and nearly breaking Eric Dickerson’s single-season rushing record in 2013, Peterson feels nothing can bring him down. That includes his age.

Peterson is set to turn 30-years old next March, and 30, normally the mark of ending time for NFL running backs doesn’t scare Peterson. When asked about his age at practice on Thursday, Peterson said, it doesn’t apply to him.

“They said ‘Oh, ACL, you’ll never come back from it,’  “So, it is what it is. It doesn’t apply to me. I have a totally different mindset, mind frame.”

(When asked what age is a good age to call it a career) Peterson said with a laugh: “I was talking to (Brett) Favre. 40 sounds good, you know?”

It makes sense coming from Peterson. ACL injuries, even if fully recovered from, mean some type of setback in a player’s career, but it made AP’s  even better. There has seemingly been nothing at this point to keep Peterson from performing at an elite level of NFL running backs, and as far as he’s concerned, age won’t get in the way either.

As far as learning his new system with new offensive coordinator Norv Turner, Peterson says he’s excited, and we could see more new things from No. 28.

“It fits me in all areas as far as running the ball, being diverse, being able to run the ball from the shotgun, being able to touch the ball in perimeter, spread out and run routes as well. The all-purpose back, you know, what I’ve always envisioned myself as, the marshal for offense. So this offense is perfect for that, so that’s how it really helps the running back position.”

It’s clear that Peterson has a lot envisioned for himself this upcoming season and beyond, even in a new system. If ACL and other nagging injuries haven’t kept him down in his career, it’s not even worth mentioning how his age could hurt him, at least according to Peterson.

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