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Jose Abreu not interested in participating in Home Run Derby

Jose Abreu HR

Jose Abreu has lit up the MLB universe with home run after home run in his rookie year. Unfortunately for the MLB fans, the Chicago White Sox first baseman doesn’t want to participate in an event that he would likely thrive in, the Home Run Derby. Abreu told Daryl Van Schouwen of the Chicago Sun Times that he doesn’t “really want to do the Home Run Derby”.

“Home Run Derby is not something I’m too crazy about,’’ Abreu told the Sun-Times Tuesday. It’s a good thing but I’m not really interested or looking forward to. I really wouldn’t want to do it. I did it in Cuba several times and I wasn’t much into it.’”

“The first thing it does is affect you mentally, You go out and try to hit home runs. I’m not a guy who tries to hit home runs. I let them come whenever they come. And sometimes it messes with your mechanics.”

Abreu did say he would play in the All-Star Game if selected, which he is second to Miguel Cabrera in first baseman voting. Abreu entered the day with 22 home runs, which is third in the MLB.

Abreu was also leading the American League in slugging percentage at .613

It’s disappointing for Abreu, White Sox, and home run fans, but the rookie slugger seems like he does not want to mess his swing up at all.

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