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Teddy Bridgewater using Madden to prepare for rookie season

Teddy Bridgewater

Who knew that video games could be so beneficial? First, Bryce Harper was reportedly using video games to help him rehab from his thumb injury, and now Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is using video games to help him get that “extra rep”. Bridgewater told ESPN.com that he is playing the EA Sports Madden NFL video game to help him prepare for the season, after he imported the entire Vikings playbook.

“It helps because you get one more rep than you had in practice, actual practice. Any chance you get to take an extra rep or go the extra step, extra mile, it’s going to be very beneficial transferring it to the field.”

“I try to take as many reps as I can, whether it’s on a video game, playing EA Madden Football or in the playbook, just drawing it or just visualizing it in my head, I try to just maximize every rep I can get and every opportunity that I can take.”

This isn’t the first time Bridgewater has done this, he also followed this preparation routine when he was at Louisville, having the Cardinals playbook imported into EA Sports NCAA Football.

It really does bring virtual reps for the players, and if that’s how Bridgewater feels he can get a few extra reps, and a better understanding of his team’s playbook, than more power to the rookie.

Now the Vikings, head coach Mike Zimmer, and offensive coordinator Norv Turner, will hope to see if video games help boost Bridgewater up the depth chart.

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