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Phil Jackson says Carmelo has five offers on table; confident he’ll hear good news

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As the NBA Universe awaits the decisions of Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James, New York Knicks president Phil Jackson is showing his confidence. Jackson spoke to the media on Thursday and revealed that Anthony has five contract offers on the table from the Knicks, and he’s confident he’ll hear good news.

“I felt really good about my conversation with Carmelo. We really struck a chord the two of us and feel overly passionately about what we’re trying to get accomplished. It’s his ability to stay, be patient, lead and watch us develop a winner. There’s no instantaneous winner that we think is going to happen to the Knicks right now, but we’re going to be a lot better.’’

Asked about when he expects to hear a response from Anthony, Jackson provided some comedic relief, while also saying an announcement of Anthony’s return, would mean the Knicks can continue making moves.

“I am [expecting to hear Thursday], I expected one yesterday and the day before yesterday. But, no, we’re waiting.’’

“It means we go forward with some of our other plans, some of our secondary plans to sustain this team, whether it’s getting more veteran support or something else.’’

Jackson also said that he had been texting Anthony, but had yet to receive a clear response. Jackson also included the notion of there being five options for Anthony, one of which would be the max deal of 5-years for $129 million.

“We have maybe five different options, There’s a lot of different options.’’

While the entire NBA world awaits announcements from both Anthony and James, Jackson’s confidence should bring some optimism to the Knicks fans and organization.

Video of Jackson’s quotes here.

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