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Mike Pettine: ‘Josh Gordon is a Cleveland Brown’

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With the pending playing status of Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon up in the air, head coach Mike Pettine says the team has no plans to cut the troubled receiver. Speaking with the Akron Beacon-Journal Pettine had plenty to say about Gordon, insisting that the team will stand behind Gordon as he faces a year-long ban.

Gordon, who was also arrested on DWI charges in July has put himself in a very tough situation, but one that Pettine and the Browns seem willingly to help him in.

“Josh is a Cleveland Brown. We want to do what’s best for him. We have a player that potentially needs help. Whether it’s him or whether it’s anybody else that wears the uniform, if we can help, we’ll help. We want to make our decisions always, what’s best for the player, and you try to marry it with what’s best for the team.

“So that’s why I don’t think that cutting him, while it may have worked for some other people, I don’t know if that’s necessarily the best option here. It might be the worst option for both — for us and for him. We’re going to wait and see what happens and then act accordingly.”

“I’ve heard everything, all the possibilities, so it’s just gotten to the point where it is what it is. We’ve planned for everything, and we’re ready to go,”

Pettine is definitely making it clear of the intentions of the Browns to not only keep, but help Gordon through his off-field issues. There is no denying the fact that Gordon has elite talent, the team would just like to keep their talent on the field. Pettine also included that the team will have a decision on their starting quarterback by week three of the pre-season.

If Gordon is to miss time as expected, the team will go with wide receivers: Miles Austin, Andrew Hawkins, Travis Benjamin, and Nate Burelson as their top receivers.

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