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Drew Brees: I’d like to play 10 more years


At 35 years old, Drew Brees thinks he has plenty of mileage left in his tank. The New Orleans Saints quarterback spoke with NFL Network’s Albert Breer on Friday, and said that he can see himself playing until he’s 45.

“No doubt. There’s no question. “I’m not getting ahead myself, like it’s a pipe dream, at 45. I understand the challenges that come along with that. But why not? If I can stay healthy, and I’m having fun and playing at a high level, why wouldn’t I wanna do that? The biggest challenge is physically, the maintenance, the recovery, the way you train. You gotta hope that you stay healthy, but why not?”

When asked about his quarterback’s comments, Saints head coach Sean Payton says he doesn’t see age in his quarterback, unless he sees Brees’ children.

“I don’t see age with him until I see his children, I always say that, when you see each other, you see each other the same way. And then all of the sudden, I’ll see Baylen or Bowen, and you’re like, ‘Holy cow.’ That’s when you recognize the years we’ve been here.”

While another 10 years may seem unreasonable for Brees and the Saints, the comments were made more to show his competitiveness with the other quarterbacks, especially the younger ones entering the NFL.

“If everything you do, you’re trying to win at, and you’re pissed if you don’t, it becomes your nature. It is my nature. It’s hard for me not to do that. And that’s what motivates you, and gets you going. I mean, I’m 10 years older than all those quarterbacks, and I’m thinking, ‘Am I gonna let this young punk beat me? I’m not gonna let this young punk beat me at anything!’

“So it’s getting the best out of me. I’m trying to get the best out of them, too. So at the end of the day, we’re both better than we would’ve been otherwise.”

It’s a great mindset for Brees to have, but as we saw most recently with Brett Favre, eventually time and age will decide against Brees’ wishes of another 10 years.

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