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Report: Group breaks into Ray Allen’s home

Ray Allen

Ray Allen is currently deciding whether or not to play in the NBA for the 2014 season, but on Thursday there was a much more serious situation in Allen’s life. According to multiple media reports, a group of young adults broke into the home of the former Miami Heat sharpshooter, while his wife and kids were there.

Police said Allen’s wife Shannon Walker Allen was asleep in her bedroom with her children when heard noises and saw the light’s from what is believed to be the suspects’ flashlights.

Police said Mrs. Allen shouted out “What the (expletive) are you doing in my house?” Immediately she heard one of the women say “Oh my God.”  Police said the group of young adults believed to be in their early 20s then ran out of the house laughing.

Once they were found at another home, the group of young adults told police that they thought the home was empty, and they just wanted to see what it looked like.

They were found in a home elsewhere in Coral Gables, about two miles away. Each one was interviewed by police and offered consistent stories: They were curious about Allen’s home and didn’t think anyone was inside, Denham said. Police have not charged those involved in the break-in.

It will ultimately be up to the State Attorney’s Office if Allen’s wife pursues charges against the suspects, authorities said.

Certainly a scary situation for the Allen family, but it seems like a story of reckless kids trying to peak into a superstar’s home. Thankfully no one was hurt and that could mean no charges are filed by Allen’s wife.

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