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Cam Newton: “Madden Brings Out The Nerd In Me”

Cam Newton says Madden brings out the nerd in him

Cam Newton is entering his fourth NFL season. The 2-time pro bowler is coming off his most impressive season from an individual and team prospective.

The Panthers reached the playoffs for the first time in five seasons last year. Newton was obviously a major reason for Carolina’s breakthrough season. The 25 year-old finished the season throwing 24 touchdowns to only 13 interceptions.

There’s no denying Newton’s ability to do amazing things on the field, but he’s even more impressive on Madden, which is probably why Newton loves playing as himself.

I got two TVs so I can have both a PlayStation and an Xbox going at once. When I’m finishing up one game, I can connect the other game up. That’s how much of a gamer I am. People don’t really know that, but I’m really a nerd when it comes to getting good at a game. Madden brings out the nerd in me. [Laughs] When I’m into something, I’m in it. My momma will tell you that, how I got whooped so many times playing games when I was supposed to be on punishment. But nevertheless, I really love playing people online, playing the fans. These people talk so much trash, but that’s what Madden is all about. It’s about bringing different people from different cultures together to play the game of football, the game that I love.

If we were all blessed enough to have the opportunity to play as ourselves in a video game, I’m sure we would love it also.

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