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NFL announces new suspensions for domestic violence

Rice Ravens

With plenty of controversy surrounding the two-game suspension Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, for striking his fiance. While Rice was given a two-game suspension, Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon had his one-year suspension upheld for being a multiple offender of the league’s drug policy.

The NFL has faced heavy scrutiny for giving out a short suspension to Ray Rice, and now according to Jane McManus, there are new rules in place. The NFL has announced new measures on domestic violence, which will be a six-game suspension for first offense, and a lifetime ban from the league for a second offense.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said the handling of Ray Rice led to this decision.

There have been two high profiled players involved in domestic violence this off-season, including Rice and Greg Hardy of the Carolina Panthers. There has been no suspension handed down for Greg Hardy as of yet, and no word on whether or not he will become subject of the new rules.

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