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Philadelphia Eagles: Vick proves he is faster than McCoy

Say what you want about Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Michael Vick, but don’t call him old.

Eagles’ running back LeSean McCoy learned that lesson earlier today when he was outrun by the 32-year-old quarterback in a 40-yard dash.

According to ProFootballTalk.com, an anonymous source said McCoy had been taunting Vick for weeks now, calling him “old man” and challenging him to a race. Finally, Vick gave in, but not before requesting permission from head coach Chip Kelly.

Upon Kelly’s approval, Vick reportedly agreed to a race. Various Twitter posts, including some from Vick’s teammates, claimed the veteran had schooled the young running back, reportedly “smoking” him by almost five yards.

Vick even tweeted about the race himself. His first tweet said a teammate had called him old and begged to race him in a 40-yard dash, and urged his followers to guess which player it was.

Later, he bragged about his victory in a tweet that said “Beat him by a few yards too lol ‪#SpeedKILLS.”

Although this may seem like just a few teammates in friendly competition, NFL teams scheduled to face the Eagles next season might want to take note of this seemingly meaningless race. Vick might be “old” to some, but today he proved his age has not affected his speed.

Vick also warned the football community that the Eagles would not be fooling around anymore, with the 2013 season quickly approaching. In yet another tweet, Vick said “FYI it won’t be any more races at the facility. We’re focus on this up coming season. We need to get back to playing Eagles Football! DONE.”

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