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WWE Superstar Darren Young Reveals He’s Gay (Video)

As Summerslam is just days away in the WWE, many superstars if they haven’t already are landing in Los Angeles for the event. Darren Young is one half  of the tag team “Primetime Players” and as Young was getting his bags from baggage claim, a TMZ reporter just so happened to stumble across what could be the biggest story of the year in WWE. After asking Young if a gay wrestler could be successful in the WWE, Young replied: “Absolutely look at me. To be honest with you, I’m gay and I’m happy.”

Young has now become the first openly gay active WWE wrestler. As the news broke another TMZ reporter approached WWE marquee superstar, John Cena and Cena was in total support of Young. Cena, who is viewed as the company’s top dog,  says Young is a “great guy that he knows personally and I couldn’t be happier for him”. When asked if the WWE as a company will “care” Cena says “it’s all about entertainment, it doesn’t matter about your race, creed, color, or sexuality, as long as you’re entertaining.”

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