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The Standard Intro

Week 10 of the NFL is set to kick off in less than 48 hours and the only thing missing is yet another fantasy advice column.  Be that as it may, I’ll cover at least 5 guys who I think you should ride with and 5 who should be collecting blisters on the pine.  I’m not perfect, I’ll surely have bad advice at times, but over 14 years of playing this game I’ve learned some things that will benefit you all along your path to the title.  So hang with me and send me your thoughts, I am always happy to lend an ear.  Important to note, this isn’t a ranking of players.   This is strictly who I am high or low on for the week in play.


Full Disclosure for Week 9

Week 8′s Biggest Ride - Chris Johnson

Week 8′s Biggest Pine- Darren Sproles

Week 8′s Biggest Whiff - Ryan Matthews


Ride em’

RGIII, WSH QB - 6, the number of games the Vikings have allowed multiple TD passes.  3, the number of games the Vikings have allowed more than 2 TD passes.  5, the number of games RGIII has at least 1 TD pass.  Let him rip.

Nick Foles, WSH QB - I don’t buy the 7 TD performance he had last week, but something to note is when he gets protection, he is connecting with his guys.  The Packers just made McCown look like Peyton Manning and with a plethora of injuries on both sides, you can imagine good starting field position for Foles all day.

CJ Spiller, BUF RB - After a week off to rest his ankle, Spiller came back against the best defense and put up a cool 116 on 12 carries.  He still isn’t 100%, which also makes Fred Jackson a good play here, but you can run against the Steelers.  With EJ Manuel expected back, one could assume Buffalo will once against lean on the run to ease the rookie signal caller back into the mix.

Mike James, TB RB - Doug Martin may be able to give it a go and if he does, I like James a little less.  Even if Martin does play, you can bet James still gets a good amount of touches.  The Dolphins rank 31st against the run and the Bucs just had success against the Seahawks on the ground.  You do the math.

Brian Hartline,  MIA WR -  Darrel Revis has been given the ok to single out the oppositions best WR and shut him down, where as earlier in the year, they had him in more zone coverages.  With this said, you’d expect that singled out player to be Wallace, which in turn will open up the field for Hartline.  he’s lost targets as the season has gone on, but unless Tannehill plans to force the issue on Revis Island, Hartline should get them back up.

Giants Recievers, NYG WR - Obviously right?  Off a bye and playing a Raider team that just made a career day for Nick Foles.   This is when the Giants usually get hot, I like them all.

Jordan Reed, WSH TE - A “down” week for the come from nowhere star, Reed gets a golden opportunity for redemption.  Whole the Vikings have been decent against TE’s, teams that target their big guys against them typically succeed.  With the Redskins recently showing an interest in looking for Reed, the points are there to be had.

Titans D/ST -  If it wasn’t enough that they were already playing good football, they draw the Jaguars at home.


Pine em’

Tony Romo, DAL QB - He’s had two solid outings in back to back weeks, but what used to be an easy defense in the Saints isn’t so much these days.  The Cowboys line has always had blitz pick up issues and if that wasn’t enough, facing the DC you fired the season before just adds the chile to the flame.  Rob Ryan is going to attack Romo all day.

Colin Kaepernick, SF QB - The Panthers have yet to allow more than 1 TD pass in a game this season.  If that wasn’t enough for you to steer away, only 1 QB has passed for 300 yards against them.

Gio Bernard, CIN RB - Fantastic last Thursday, but with sore ribs and facing the number 1 rushing defense makes for some bad soup.

Le’Veon Bell, PIT RB - While he holds value in PPR formats, the Buffalo defense has only allowed 1 score on the ground all season.  They do give up yards, but there are safer plays on the board this week.

Chargers, D/ST- The Chargers have been a pretty good spot start this season, but against Denver?  Don’t get cute.



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