Jul 25

Baltimore Ravens Begin Roster Moves; Ronnie Brown On The Move?

With the NFL Lockout officially over, it’s time to play football. Well at least, the transaction side.  Shortly after the Lockout was lifted and we were all brought back to our football mindsets, the Baltimore Ravens reportedly told wide receiver Derrick Mason, running back Willis McGahee, tight end Todd Heap, and defensive tackle Kelly Gregg that they will be released.

Willis McGahee has been dropped as a Raven, will another team pick him up?

While the Steelers were having off-season issues with their players, it seems as if Baltimore is ready to fight for that top spot in the always tough AFC North division. Every good move deserves a great move so it only seems fitting that the Ravens who will release their old-time veterans will be looking to make some headliners as free agency is set to begin this weekend.

One move? How about replacing Willis McGahee with someone a little more versatile? Ronnie Brown. That’s right, Ronnie Brown.  Yes, Ray Rice is one of the top running backs in the league but we all know that NFL teams can’t have that one workhorse back. Adrian Peterson seems to be the only one who can carry an entire load for his team but even he had Chester Taylor for a few years.

The Miami Dolphins’ drafting of running back Daniel Thomas from Kansas State basically paved the way for Brown to sign on with another team. While Ronnie Brown has battled injuries throughout his career so was McGahee when the Ravens signed him. The Ravens may not be the only team in the AFC North linked to Brown, as he seems to be a fit for the Cincinnati Bengals.

The recent arrest of Cedric Benson certainly doesn’t help him in the free agent market but then again, how many chances must he get? Bernard Scott seems to be a great backup, but has never received the full-time honor as starter.

While the Bengals aren’t in “win-now” mode, they’ve certainly got ways to compete. No Carson Palmer? They have Andy Dalton. No Cedric Benson? Bernard Scott or Brown, if they can sign him. No Ochocinco or Owens? AJ Green.

Most people tend to forget that while yes, Miami was the team to breakout the Wildcat formation, Ronnie Brown was the key to it.

Brown's versatility will make him coveted by many teams.

While Brown is older than Scott and Rice, he can provide veteran leadership and as we know, versatility. If Ronnie Brown is focused on winning right now he’s better off going with the Ravens. If Ronnie Brown would like to prove the critics wrong, prove he can start for a team, and has plenty of gas left in the tank, the Bengals may be a destination.

Speculation all around the league: Kolb to Arizona? Which Jets wide receiver comes back? Ronnie Brown, DeAngelo Williams, and Randy Moss will they have new teams?

Ronnie Brown is certainly a viable player still in the NFL, all he needs is a chance and a contract. Mason, Heap, Gregg and McGahee soon hope to be part of new teams as well.


  1. 1StopShopFF


    What do you think about today’s moves? I think this is going to make for a very exciting weekend. Loving the site!

    - FF Dude

  2. James Williams

    Well with Reggie Bush on his way to the Dolphins, I think its almost a given that Ronnie Brown will be out on Thursday

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