Welcome To The NFL Rook: Nick Fairley To Make NFL Debut Vs Bears

As if the Monday night match-up between the undefeated Detroit Lions and the Chicago Bears in a division rivalry wasn’t already hyped enough, it just got bigger. Literally.

While the Lions already have All-Pro defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh giving opposing quarterbacks nightmares, they now get to showcase their first-round draft pick, Nick Fairley. Fairley a first team All-American from Auburn is one of the most physical and dominated players to come into the league in recent memory.

It seems as if the Lions have a tandem of Batman and Robin with Suh and Fairley playing the roles as their defensive tackles. While there are conflicting reports for Fairley’s debut as some on ESPN  say that Fairley will play while the Lions, aren’t sure yet.

Runnin' Towards Cutler: Suh and Fairley Look To Bring Pressure Vs Chicago on Monday Night

For Fairley and the Lions, unleashing him against Chicago who has a very weak offensive line, allowing the most sacks in the league. While there’s no doubt that Suh will be getting his share of pressure, hits, and possible sacks vs Chicago, his big plays may help free up Fairley.

The 6’4″, 290-pound Detroit Lion will certainly look to get his paws (no pun intended) on Jay Cutler and make a statement for himself after missing the first four games due to a foot injury.

If Detroit does have Fairley in this game, the strong just got stronger, the mean just got meaner, and the NFC North division just got a lot more interesting. The once laughed upon franchise is now ready to knock their doubters to the ground. Thanks in part to Batman and Robin or Suh and Fairley, as we know them.


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