Jan 22

Chasing The Giant Gold: 49ers vs Giants NFC Championship Preview

As if a trip to the Super Bowl wasn’t enough, the 49ers, more importantly Alex Smith has all the motivation in the world thanks to everyone in the NFL.

Whether you’re a fan, “expert”, opponent, or even, if you’re name is Aaron Rodgers, you’ve motivated 49ers quarterback Alex Smith. They said he couldn’t do it, Smith couldn’t be good, he couldn’t win a big game, let alone games in general.

Speaking of motivation how would you like to be the little brother of Peyton Manning? Well as of right now, I’m sure Eli has no problem being the “other” Manning. Now, the little brother, is just two wins away from his second Super Bowl ring which would be one more than the “other” Manning.

With all the attention on the quarterbacks, both teams’ defensive players might have a say or two on who should get the attention. The Giants have possibly the best defensive four-front in the NFL right now, while the 49ers may have the best linebacker in the game today in Patrick Willis.

With everything on the line, it’s time to break down the game for each team, three points for offense, three points for defense, and a prediction.

New York Giants (offense)

-Eli Manning. Will Manning play the game safe in the wet weather? Can he hold off the tough 49ers defense or will Eli fall victim to the Gold Rush? If the Giants expect to win, this Manning must be not only efficient but clutch to perfection.

- Brandon Jacobs. The 49ers have injured six, yes, six,  opposing running backs throughout the season this year and Ahmad Bradshaw isn’t the biggest guy out there. So, will Brandon Jacobs be a punishing runner to help the Giants maintain a steady running game or will he and teammate Ahmad Bradshaw become just two more victims to the injured running backs?

-Victor Cruz. Will the hottest wide receiver in the NFL this season be able to remain consistent in the biggest game of his life? With plenty attention being brought on Hakeem Nicks, Cruz must make himself available for big plays when called upon.

San Francisco 49ers (offense)

-Alex Smith. It wasn’t long ago that Alex Smith was being booed off the field last season and Troy Smith was being cheered for. Then the 49ers drafted Colin Kaepernick which could have brought pressure to Smith but then new head coach Jim Harbaugh anointed Smith the starter and Smith gained not only confidence but the toughness to make the 49ers a championship contender.

-Vernon Davis. The Catch #3, need I say more? Top five tight end in the league, a truly defensive problem for any team, if Vernon Davis makes himself open, the 49ers have an amazing shot to head to the Super Bowl.

-Kendall Hunter. The backup to Frank Gore, a young player, must be ready to be the change of pace back. While Gore aims to punish the Giants, Hunter must aim to cause the finishing hit, whenever it may come.

New York Giants (defense)

-Front four. The defensive line will be of the utmost importance in the NFC Championship game with the attention being given to Jason Pierre-Paul and Justin Tuck. If they can get pressure, they can go to Indy.

-Linebackers. Michael Boley, a veteran, will truly have to go out and make the back half of the front seven a force. The Giants do not have the best linebackers in this matchup but they better have serviceable ones.

-Corey Webster. Webster has made several interceptions this season leading to big drives put in by the offense. With Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree the biggest receiving threats on the 49ers, Webster will have to make plays to lead the Giants to victory.

San Francisco 49ers (defense)

-Patrick Willis. As much as everyone still crowns Ray Lewis the best linebacker in football,  a Super Bowl ring will surely help Willis’ argument.

-Aldon Smith. If not the best defensive pick in this year’s draft, I don’t know who is. Smith has made himself a defensive force alongside Willis and he will need to hit Manning repeatedly in order to help the Niners win this game.

-Secondary. The Giants have elite wide receivers in Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz, and to be elite you have to beat elite. The defense has certainly stepped up this year but now it’s time to shut the receivers down.


Prediction: As much as I would like the Giants to win, I feel that the 49ers will be more excited, more motivated, and that leads to a 31-27 49ers win.


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