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New York Knicks: Tim Hardaway Jr. Is A Great Fit

The New York Knicks entered yesterday’s NBA Draft with just one pick, the 24th overall selection; many wondered what direction they would go in. A big man made a lot of sense to back up Tyson Chandler, a point guard to come off the bench was also a possibility or a shooter in case they lose J.R Smith. Personally I thought the Knicks would go point guard or forward, something to compliment the pieces that are already on the roster but I had no idea they’d end up selecting who they did.

With the 24th overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft, the Knicks selected Tim Hardaway Jr from Michigan, the son of Tim Hardaway. The arena erupted when the pick was made & rightfully so, Hardaway could possibly be just what the Knicks need. Tim Hardaway Jr. is a junior guard out of Michigan who can really shoot the ball & I believe his ability to attack the rim is overlooked. For those who say he can’t finish at the rim ask Gorgui Dieng about Hardaway’s ability to attack and finish.

I like what Hardaway will bring to the Knicks. With J.R Smith set to hit free agency, the Knicks now have a fall back plan in Hardaway he’s a guy that can light it up from behind the arc & has pretty good mid-range game. What I really like about Hardaway is he’s young & still improving; he’ll get better at putting the ball on the deck as well as developing ways to create for himself.

To be honest I’m not sure if Hardaway could’ve gone to a better situation, he’ll be able to shoot as much as he wants on this team especially if Smith isn’t going to be on the roster. I’m not saying Hardaway is the next super star but I do believe he can be a guy that gives you a consistent 15 & 5. His length & athleticism will translate nice on the defensive floor so he should develop into a pretty decent perimeter defender. All in all I’d say it was a good pick for the Knicks & a great fit for Hardaway.

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