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Addiction is a very serious situation. Sports addicts run to the television or the internet to get their fix. Sports may be a fun addiction but former NBA player Chris Herren as well as millions of people in the world, battle serious addictions of drugs and alcohol. Substance abuse not only hurts the user but those around them, as Herren can attest to.

No longer dwelling on the past, Herren has turned his life around and has been sober for three years. While Herren is sober and making a positive impact in the world in which we live in, someone you know may not be living a good sober life. There may be struggles, there may be downfalls, but the call to come together and stand up to substance abuse.

After the interview I held with Herren on April 23, 2013 I made a promise to not just Herren but to the staff here at this great network, to you the readers, and you the listeners, to help our efforts in raising $1,000 and even more than that, to Project Purple. How can you help?

Well the campaign here at this network, will be associated with the hashtag: #FullScaleGoesPurple

Here are ways you can help #FullScaleGoesPurple

  •  Wear purple and let it be known, you are with and Project Purple and let’s fight substance abuse
  • Donate (you can find the link right on our home page) any disclosed amount of money
  • Purchase gear of any kind by going to the link on our home page, and buy anything you know you’ll show off!
  • Tell a friend, family member, and spread the message.

I personally can’t thank Chris Herren and all members of his team who played a part in making the interview happen, and who play a part in making a positive impact on people’s lives daily.

Let’s not just reach our goal of $1,000 but let’s exceed it! Click here to donate to Project Purple!


The interview:

Mike Pendleton on Twitter (@MP2310) Twitter: @FullScaleSport

Chris Herren on Twitter (@c_herren) and @GoProjectPurple

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