We here at and Full Scale Sports as a network, are doing this on a free but dedicated work ethic. As honesty being best policy, we would like everyone to be aware that your generous donations will all go towards: running, Full Scale Sports radio on a full-time basis, as well as being distributed to those who have given their time and dedication to us.
We understand that everyone has their own way of helping, and if there is a way to help, we graciously thank you. In conclusion, donations will also be helped to go towards creating a very productive Full Scale Sports merchandise line! All your favorite interviews, quotes, and more will be printed on hats, shirts, hoodies, YOU NAME IT!
Owners Note*- To everyone:  I would personally like to thank anyone and everyone who donates to the up-running of Full Scale Sports. As the money will be used for various as mentioned, don’t think it won’t go unnoticed. I have a few ways I want to thank you all, and if you keep in touch, we will make sure to make that happen. One way I do promise to do so, whether it be as the network crew in its entirety or by myself in a later career, I will, and in hopes we can get some of the athletes we have worked with involved as well, start up a charity to give back to under-privileged kids as well as single mothers.
So as your donation is to help the dream of young sports journalists involved with this site, we plan to make dreams for those after us, come true as well. Thank you again,
Mike Pendleton
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