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MLB Expanding Replay In 2014

Commissioner Bud Selig announced that MLB plans to expand its video review process, giving managers something they have never had to reduce the number of incorrect calls that can occur during a game. The proposal will be voted on at the owners meeting in November and for this change to take place 75% of the owners have to say yes, and the umpires and players must agree to any changes.

Atlanta Braves President John Schuerholz, a member of the replay committee said that the umpires are willing to make the change and said that 89% of the incorrect calls that were made will be reviewable. Schuerholz said “We believe this will be very impactful and very, very meaningful, and useful for all sides, managers will have a new tool that they’ll have to learn how to use.” (Espn.com)

If this rule change is agreed upon managers will be able to challenge once over the first 6 innings of the game and twice from the 7th inning until the completion of the game. Calls that are challenged by a major will be reviewed by a crew in MLB headquarters in New York City, who will then make a final ruling on the play. Just like in the NFL only reviewable plays can be challenged and if the challenge is won the manager will retain it. To challenge a play the manager must bring it up with the crew chief or home plate umpire.

The only real concern is the possibility of stalling which could occur when the call is being made to the headquarters in New York but its expected that with the new replay system it will only take 1 minute and 15 seconds to reach a resolution with a direct line of communication.

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