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College Football Preview: Brett Hundley Is Flying Under The Radar

The college football season is on the horizon, conferences have begun their media days & I can almost smell the fresh cut grass & hear the roar of the home crowds. For us media types the time has come for us to cement our predictions which include turning in our pre-season rankings, Heisman favorites & as always our biggest upsets to look out for. For me it’s time to look into some of the rising stars from last year’s season & try to predict who will have staying power & who will fall by the way side.

The UCLA Bruins had an extremely productive season in 2012 winning the PAC-12 & returning to the top tier of college football programs. While the team lost a couple of key players to the NFL, I believe there is still a ton of talent in that locker room & their key to a national title run is their young signal caller. Brett Hundley is a kid who continues to fly under the radar but anyone who has seen this kid perform knows he’s the real deal.

Hundley completed 66.6% of his passes in 2012 throwing for 3,745 yards with 29 touchdowns to just 11 interceptions. Those numbers make you wonder why you don’t hear about him more often, he’s another one of college football’s great duel-threat quarterbacks although he uses his legs different than others. While Hundley will take off occasionally, he uses his athleticism to avoid the rush & buy time for his wide outs to get open down the field. With Joseph Randle gone you may see him run a bit more this year but still his strength is his arm.

Brett Hundley has an NFL arm there’s no doubt about it, he can make every throw on the route tree & possess pin-point accuracy. His 6’3 222 lbs. frame makes him an ideal prospect for the next level, many believe he’s one of the best in the nation at the quarterback position & while I, not ready to say that just yet I won’t dispute the ones who do. Hundley without a doubt has elite skills & shows incredible leadership for someone of his age, which will be the key to UCLA’s success in 2013. Personally I think the sky’s the limit for this kid, he has all of the tools to be successful now it’s time to put those tools to work.

I’m not sure if Hundley is a Heisman candidate at the end of year, college football is full of elite players with major star power & that may be hard for the young signal caller to overcome. However, that doesn’t take anything away from Hundley at all. He’s a tough kid with a rocket for an arm & believes he’ll lead UCLA back to the PAC-12 title game whether he wins it or not is totally on him.

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