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Derek Jeter: Could His Career Be Over?

When you think of the Yankees who is the first player that comes to mind? For most people that have watched baseball for the last 20 years is Derek Jeter. During his 19 year career he has a .312 career average over 3000+ hits, 1876 runs, 1261 RBI’s and 256 home runs.

Jeter has been plagued with a ankle/foot injury since breaking his ankle in the playoffs last season against the Tigers. Jeter has been on the DL now 4 times this season and has only played in 17 games this season. Jeter’s average this season is the lowest since his rookie season (1995) when he batted .250 in 51 games.


Jeter has been considered by some people one of the best players to ever wear the pinstripes. Even with Jeter only playing 17 games this season the Yankees are still have a shot at making the playoffs.

There have been no hints that this could have been the final season where we see Derek Jeter playing shortstop for the Yankees, but it makes you wonder. He has played 19 season all with the Yankees and does he want to go out with a rash of injuries in his final season or would he rather go out playing a full season and go out on his own terms and not let an injury end his career? Only time will tell and should be an interesting offseason for Yankees Derek Jeter.

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