Johnny Manziel Is Proving He’s A First Round Quarterback

It’s safe to say Johnny Manziel could possibly be the most popular college football player in the country, his off the field exploits have been well documented and his talented on the field is unprecedented. Manziel dazzled us as a freshman with his backyard football style of play making defenses look like they were in quick sand when he took off but this year he’s doing it a different way and impressing NFL draft scouts in the process. Manziel was overlooked as a passer last year because of the highlights he provided week in and week out on the ground and while he’s still giving us those highlights on the ground he’s opening some eyes with his ability to pick defenses apart in the pocket.

Johnny Manziel injured his knee in the first quarter this past weekend against Ole Miss and it looked to be serious but the young signal caller returned to the game and put on a show with his arm as well as his legs. I remember saying at the time that this might help Manziel a bit, because of the injury I didn’t think he’d take off and run much so he’d have the ability to showcase his arm talent and ability to be effective in the pocket. Manziel went on to dominate the game on the ground as well as through the air completing 31 of 39 passes for 346 yards, it should be noted he threw two interceptions as well, but he looked great none the less. He also added 124 yards and two scores on the ground as the Aggies squeezed out a victory over Ole Miss.

Let’s get back to my point, Manziel is showing this year that he can be just as effective inside the pocket with his arm as he is with his legs, his mechanics have improved and he’s showcasing the arm strength that many thought he didn’t have. What’s really impressive to me is when he escapes the pocket he’s not thinking run first, you often see him with his eyes down the field looking for the open receiver. Some don’t like that he throws off-balance at times and while that does have to be cleaned up it’s a testament to his arm strength that he can still deliver a strike even when off-balance. I think it goes without saying that this kid is a first round quarterback, he’s got the arm many scouts thought he didn’t have and he’s extremely efficient with the football. Manziel’s completed 73% of his passes this year think about that for a second.

While Manziel is still doing his thing on the ground this year with 438 yards and 5 scores, his improvement as a passer is really the reason A&M is having success this season. His ability to understand what defenses are trying to do to him is quite impressive, he’s displaying better arm strength than we saw last year and is more accurate than people want to give him credit for. Everyone knows this year could be the year of the quarterback and with the way Johnny Manziel is playing this far he’s without a doubt proving he belongs to be mentioned on the same breath as some of the top quarterbacks in the nation. It remains to be seen if he’ll declare for the draft but if he does I expect him to be a top 20 pick if not higher.


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