World Cup Draw Annouced: United States in “Group of Death” for 2014 World Cup

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World Cup Draw Annouced: United States in “Group of Death” for 2014 World Cup

This morning the World Cup Draw for June’s tournament was announced. The Untied States will be playing in a group with Ghana, and European powerhouses Germany and Portugal.

Though Portugal barely qualified for the World Cup, they’ve been in the round 8 in each tournament since the 2004 Euro. With stars like Ronaldo, Pepe, Nani, and the emergence of Rui Patricio, the Portuguese can counter-attack anybody in the world and play sound defense. US beat them in the 2002 WC.

Germany has a storied history and a team that’s probably the most fundamentally sound in the world. Though Ballack hasn’t been on the squad for sometime, Germany has a new crop with Muller, Lahm (C), Ozil and many other young superstars across the European landscape.

Ghana was the team who ended their 2010 World Cup run, known for the players of the likes of Michael Essien, most known for his days in Chelsea, Ghana is arguably the best African Nation in the World Cup. The United States has their work cut out for them.

Here’s how the groups stand:


Group A:                                                              Group B:

Brazil                                                                     Spain

Croatia                                                                 Netherlands

Mexico                                                                 Chile

Cameroon                                                           Australia


Group C:                                                              Group D:

Columbia                                                            Uruguay

Greece                                                                 Costa Rica

Ivory Coast                                                       England

Japan                                                                   Italy


Group E:                                                              Group F:

Switzerland                                                        Argentina

Ecuador                                                               Bosnia-Herzegovina

France                                                                  Iran

Honduras                                                            Nigeria


Group G:                                                             Group H:

Germany                                                            Belgium

Portugal                                                             Algeria

Ghana                                                                  Russia

United States                                                    South Korea

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