Former NFL Star Aaron Hernandez Beats Inmate


BRISTOL COUNTY JAIL, Ma- According to famous tabloid TMZ former New England Patriot tight end Aaron Hernandez beat down a fellow inmate pretty good. Hernandez has not had much social interaction due to his solitary confinement but apparently managed to get away for long enough to get in a scuffle. Apparently the man had been harassing Hernandez for quite some time before. How Hernandez managed to get near him and fight him is unknown as the Bristol County Jail has not released a statement yet. This situation is clearly not helping Hernandez’s case as he is in prison awaiting trail for the murder of Odin Lloyd, a friend of Hernandez’s and Boston semi-pro football player. Hernandez is also linked to a drive by shooting that occurred in Boston as well. Check out the TMZ story on the jail attack here

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Photo Cred: AP Photo

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